Moving Tips

Are you moving house or looking to relocate your office?

Do you feel stressed knowing the many tasks that you will need to get done?

Do you know where to find affordable packing materials and moving equipment that will safeguard your fragile belongings?

These are just some of the many questions and concerns that people have to think about when looking to relocate. Here we will try to offer helpful advice that can guide you when preparing to make that move.


1. Call Us

Call one of our move experts on (02) 9570 4000. Let us know the details of your move, including the pick-up and delivery locations. We will provide you with the best estimate given the details and range of services you require. With over 25 years of experience, we are highly knowledgeable and familiar with different types of moving projects and tasks. You can rely on us for the timeliest and cost-saving moving services.

2. Get a Quote

In determining your estimate, we will consider several factors including standard insurance charges, size of truck required, moving equipment needed, level and variety of packing materials, and manpower. Our rates are unaffected by the time scheduled for the move. Know that we do accommodate moves outside of normal working hours and on Sundays.


Start as early as you can on the packing. The more you get done, the less of our labour and materials you will need, hence the lower the cost. If, however, you lack the time or are physically constrained, feel free to take advantage of our expertise. Our teams can work swiftly and efficiently, packing up and wrapping all your belongings. Planning ahead and good preparation can help save on time and money.

Using boxes of the right thickness helps to protect your belongings from damage. Because there is likely to be some bumps and stacking along the way, it is important to use quality boxes with the right amount of layers that will cushion, support, and protect against impact. 

Having the right mix of different sized boxes also helps optimize on space and allow for good stacking within the transport truck. We offer this variety, ensuring your belongings are suitably and safely packed up for the move.

It can seem a good idea to pack up smaller belongings and transport them yourselves. This can, however, prove counterproductive and unnecessarily costly if you end up doing many trips in your car. Allow us to assist you figure out the right size of transport vehicle you will need to make a single trip. 

To help reduce the amount of loose small items, you can package them in bundles where possible for more efficient transfers. Tape and straps can help with securing drawers in dressers and desks so they do not need to be transported separately.

Packing up smaller items can help reduce the time it will take to complete your move. Be careful to situate these items at a convenient location near where the moving truck will be parked. We will need clear passages to load up heavier and bulkier items before stacking smaller boxes and wrapped items. If you have small children and/or pets, arrange to keep them out of the way for safety’s sake and smooth workflow.

Many furniture and electronic items require some dismantling. Where possible and to save on time, you can get a head start on this. Make use of such items as labelled Ziploc bags to keep track of the screws and bolts taken apart. Remember to place the hose off the washing machine inside the drum.

If possible, try to consume as much of your refrigerated foods before your move. Plan to defrost at least a week in advance of the move. This is important to avoid water damage later on. 

On moving day, we will let you know when to empty your fridge and freezer. These appliances are the last to be loaded and first to be unloaded and reconnected at your new home. This limits the amount of time your foodstuffs will be out of refrigeration and reduces the risk of spoilage.

Where you may have very heavy items to be moved such as pianos, pool tables and grand dining tables, we ask that you inform us early on. This way we can organise to have the right level of labour, size of truck, and moving equipment to ensure timely transfers.

This does not just refer to glassware and stemware. This includes artwork with glass fronts, vases, wall units with glass shelves and doors, tabletops, and more. Anything that has glass should be left bare for us to take care of securing. Do not put them in boxes.

Begin by unplugging any electrical connections to the bed. With a tube-type mattress, you can connect a hose that will allow you to drain the water. Baffled mattresses will require a pump to drain the water. If you lack access to one, let us know so we can provide one early on. Once drained close the valve and fold up the mattress. If the bed has a timber frame, you can start dismantling as you carefully store the screws. Do not worry if you lack the time or ability to perform these tasks. Our team can easily take care of these duties, especially if informed in advance.

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