Interstate Removals

Interstate Removals

Interstate Removals

With over 25 years in the moving business, Elite Removalists has covered many miles across Australia’s provinces. Our interstate removalist services have enabled our many clients to safely relocate their belongings to just any destination on the continent and beyond.

We offer a reliable coast to coast service for both home and office removals. This service offers a seamless transition to your new home or office, without worrying about how you will go about packing up, transporting and reassembly of your possessions. We do all the work, so you do not have to.

As part of our interstate removals services, our team will undertake to arrive at your premises in advance and perform all the packing that is needed. We can provide all kinds of packing materials to ensure that even the most fragile and expensive items are suitably prepared for safe transit. We work with quality packing materials sourced at the most competitive rates. We take special care when packing for long journeys as there is an increased risk of damage.

Our teams are trained in handling furniture and electronics removals. No matter the size or complexity of the design, we know how to disassemble and reassemble it to your satisfaction. Once all the items are safely and correctly loaded onto our vehicle, we can also provide cleaning services so the property is relinquished to the new owner or landlord in pristine condition. This can also help in ensuring you get as much of any security deposit you may have paid on the property.

We Help to Make Interstate Removal Stress Free

Our logistics team and drivers are well-versed in planning the most direct routes to whatever destination you require within the continent. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays and transport costs. We will advise you of an accurate expected time of arrival so you are ready to take delivery of your shipment. Our vehicles are all tracked to ensure the safety of your belongings and adherence to schedules. Besides unloading, we also offer unpacking and reassembly services so you can quickly have your new home or office up and running.

We have also partnered with other removalist service locations around the country. This allows us to extend storage services to clients that need it beyond Sydney. Often when relocating far away you may not be as quick to want to set up your new home or office. This service allows you to take your time as you acclimatise to a new region. The storage facilities we use are spacious and secure, ensuring that your shipment will be well cared for until when you need it.

As one of the best interstate removalists, we offer a streamlined service that can accommodate whatever moving needs you may have. Our team is well trained and vehicles fully insured. We have many years of expertise in the removalist business and can be depended upon to ensure the safe delivery of any items handed into our care.

Our interstate removalist services include:

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