Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

From the debris that comes with packing up items, to having several movers coming and going as they load up your belongings in the truck, there is bound to be some messiness when relocating. This can often be a problem as many landlords may withhold deposits until the property is returned to them in perfect condition. 

Our long experience in the moving business means we have seen a need for cleaning services during removals. We have partnered with a cleaning company that has proven reliable and efficient in their services, delivering the same level of customer satisfaction as Elite Removalists Sydney.

Our partnership ensures that our clients have easy access to cleaning services as soon as we remove their belongings from the premises, at an affordable rate. In this way you can hand over the keys to the property, knowing that everything is spick and span. 


Cleaning needs will often vary from location to location. Our service providers are highly experienced, well-equipped, and efficient at the services they offer. Their checklist includes:


When booked alongside our moving services, these cleaning arrangements are offered at a discount. To find out more and book this service, get in touch with us here.

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