Furniture Removalists Wollongong


Moving to a new place can be difficult. Besides having to adapt to a new cultural and social scene, you also have to contend with having to transfer your physical possessions from one place to another. Wollongong is an amazing and exciting place to live in. From the stunning surfing beaches to fashionable restaurants, there is something to suit everyone. So whether you are moving for college or to take advantage of a business opportunity, we can help make this transition a little easier with our removalist services. 

Elite Removalists has provided the residents and businesses of Wollongong with moving services for over 25 years. Our expertise has allowed us to deliver a safe and efficient service that ensures peace of mind for our clients. We offer these services for both home and office removals. Besides the fleet of transport trucks, we avail to clients, we also offer packing and unpacking services. We provide the necessary labour and all packing materials needed to properly prepare your belongings for transport, ensuring they do not sustain any damage. 

Whether it is a single room or office block, we have the required equipment and manpower to ensure a quick transfer so you can get back to your routine as soon as possible. We also offer cleaning services through a partnered business that will allow you to return possession of your earlier property to its landlord in good condition.


Relocating can be a costly affair so we try to help by offering an affordable service that helps ease the strain. Over the years we have cultivated a cost-saving business model that allows us to minimize expenses and pass on savings to our clients. So not only will we take care of the labour and logistics of your move, but do it at a highly competitive rate that is pocket friendly. Click here to request a quote on our moving services and discover if you qualify for discounts of up to 30%.

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